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What is a 3D printer?

You have probably heard of 3D printing before. But do you know what it means? It is a fairly new invention that has been discussed in the media a lot. 3D printers are supposed to make designing and creating things much easier, using innovative technology and lightweight and low-cost materials. Here is a little info on how 3D printers operate.


How does it work?

After acquiring a 3D printer, the first step is to design something to print. Then, you make a blueprint of the object. If you know how to use modelling software, you can design your own object and make it into a blueprint. If you are not that experienced, there are certain websites that allow users to upload blueprints. This way, you can find a blueprint that is all ready to use. The next step is sending your design to the 3D printer.

To create an object, like a pair of 3D printed glasses, the 3D printer needs material to build from. Depending on the printer and object, the material could be bioplastic or polyamide powder. When creating the object, the printer melts the material and arranges it in layers. The material is cooled down instantly, leaving the design you created.


What can you make in a 3D printer?

Depending on what kind of material you decide to use in your 3D printer, the possibilities are almost endless. Like mentioned above, you can make a pair of 3D printed glasses in polyamide powder, making the glasses very lightweight. There is no need for soldering or screws, and the excess material can be reused. In the world of fashion, you can also make shoes or jewelry. Additionally, you can even make designs out of food – like chocolate made into treats.

The possibilities of 3D printing are game changing in the medical world. Doctors are currently testing biomaterial for regenerative medicine. This means, that they can 3D print small body parts made from a patient’s cells. This could be for printing a nose or an ear. The next step is trying to print organs that can be used for organ transplants.

If you do not have a 3D printer of your own, do not worry. There are more and more companies today, who benefit from a 3D printer. Before purchasing an item, try and find a store that will 3D print it. 3D printing is truly the future.


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